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Hockley Parish Council


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  Community Engagement Workshop


Rochford District Council Planning Policy Team - Notification of Focused Consultation


The Planning Policy Team will be carrying out a focused consultation with three statutory bodies: Natural England, the Environment Agency, Historic England.  The consultation is for the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) scoping report, and will run from Monday 19 December until 5pm Tuesday 31 January.  An SA is a mechanism for considering and communicating the impacts of an emerging Local Plan, and potential alternatives to the proposed plan.This relates to Rochford District Council’s work in producing a Local Plan for the years 2025 and beyond which will set out the Council’s strategic vision, policies and land allocations, where necessary, for meeting future needs (including housing, employment, community facilities, transport and other infrastructure needed to support development). This is a focused consultation, but should you wish to comment, further information and the SA scoping report document can be found online. [Click here]

Planning Policy
Rochford District Council
01702 318191

For more information about the District Council's planning policy and  documents, click here


“Attention all residents of Hockley your views are important”

The notes from the first Hockley Community Engagement Workshop can be seen here

To enable you to make your views known please complete the Rochford District Council Survey which  is here

For more information about the District Council's planning policy and documents, click here

Community Engagement Workshop

6pm-10pm on Tuesday 16th August 2016

at The Old Fire Station, Southend Road, Hockley, SS5 4Q

As part of the early engagement Rochford District Council is undertaking workshops to inform the preparation of the new Local Plan to help explain the role of the Parish Council in plan making, take a look at the key facts and figures, as well as giving initial thought to some local issues in the community and to discuss the future development of the parish and future strategy for the development of the District beyond 2025.  This meeting is not just to look at housing needs in the District. The Workshop is the first in a series that will be held in Hockley. The events will be held at different times of the day/year to enable as many residents/businesses to have their say. The information, gathered by Rochford District Council, will assist them in putting together their next Local Plan.

The Workshop is an ideal opportunity to raise all topics.

Other Parishes have discussed:

Infrastructure; Dangerous junctions; Better amenities; Looking at footpaths, bridleway links; Open Spaces; Broadband Speeds

Are you interested in local planning issues? You can help decide the planning policies that will apply to future planning applications in the village. The Parish Council will be looking for residents to join a Local Parish Plan Steering Group to help shape the future of Hockley.  This is a unique opportunity to ensure that decisions made in Hockley truly reflect the ambitions and needs of local residents and businesses.





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Contact 01702 207707. 58 Southend Road. Hockley SS5 4QH

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