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Hockley Parish Council


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  Budget summary


The Parish Council has a duty to set a budget, which will account for all of the income and expenditure over the coming year. The income will be the amount of income raised from the council's services,plus a small amount from the local council tax support grant and the majority will come from the precept. The precept is the amount of money required to fund the council's activities and it is raised locally from the properties in the parish. The council normally thinks of the precept as a whole sum, but to the residents, it is seen as a cost per household, which is based on the overall council tax due.

The budget must be set by December, so that the precept demand can be made to the District Council in January. This year the council have agreed to leave the demand at £229,000 which will result in a small decrease in the council tax demand per household.To see the council's deliberations, you can refer to the Resources and Procedures meetings which considered the preparatory work in producing this budget.

The budget is prepared throughout the year, with bids for work being proposed by the committees. This is summarised in the first budget meeting held by the Resources and Procedures Committee in October 2015. Minute 15/105 considers the implications of the work programme for 2016/17.

The final draft of the budget was considered by the Resources and Procedures Committee in November 2015; minute FIN15/111 and the proposal was approved for submission to Full Council as the decision to set the budget cannot be delegated to a committee. The background information provided to the councillors is summarised here.

The budget was approved by Full Council in December 2015; minute number 15/282 resolved to set a precept of £229,000 and further resolved to accept the proposed budget. The simplified version is shown on this page, for the full budget click here. To see the precept demand click here (note that the paper copy was signed-off by hand)



      Last year   This year
      Budget Actual   Budget
    Income 10700 10675   10500
    Expenditure 55580 37193   38420
Movement to/(from) Reserve (44,880) (26,518)   (27,920)
    Income 0 13855   0
    Expenditure 99250 89815   89620
Movement to/(from) Reserve (99,250) (75,960)   (89,620)
    Income 241431 242190   237983
    Expenditure 97620 89841   102820
Movement to/(from) Reserve 143811 152349   135163
Community & Events
    Income 2000 100   2000
    Expenditure 20000 15547   20000
Movement to/(from) Reserve (18,000) (15,447)   (18,000)
Total Budget Income 254131 266820   250483
    Expenditure 272450 232768   251610
Movement to/(from) Reserve (18,319) 34052   (1,127)



Copyright Hockley Parish Council (c) 2016.

Contact 01702 207707. 58 Southend Road. Hockley SS5 4QH

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